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Telford is a city that was named after a civil engineer who was known as Thomas Telford. The future of the town was brought forth as a result of the hi-tech businesses and buildings that the civil engineer was able to come up with. This city is known to be one of the most prosperous towns in the UK not forgetting how successful it is. At the heart of the town of Telford, it is surrounded by glossy and tall buildings as well as one of the very best shopping centers that you can be able to find in the whole of Shropshire.  The shopping Centre has been made available every single day of the week, and it has a parking area that can hold a total of 4000 cars which is why it is also an ideal place to spend with the kids.

Telford is a city that was made for kids which is why it may be an excellent idea for you to take the kids out so that they could get to see as well as explore the watch nursery as well as the Telford town park which even went ahead to win an award. Let your children enjoy the various fairy tale stories that tend to come alive as it is believed to be in Wonderland. If you have kids who are older, then it would be a good idea to let them explore the rope ladders, the Ariel walkways that are scaling as well as the large slides.

At the city of Telford, there is also a place known as the Ski Centre which is quite near the animal kingdom Hoo farm. Here, you should be sure that you are going to find a maze, a sheep steeplechase as well as a tractor grand Prix. There is also a railway which has both diesel rides as well as steam rides depending on which of the two you would like to get into.  There are also two cinemas in the city like IMAX which is located at Cineworld. The town also has an ice rink, restaurants, cafes as well as hotels which will give you the opportunity to have fun and just get to enjoy the city while relaxing.

Some location facts about Telford

There are some location facts about Telford that you probably did not know about. Some of these facts have been mentioned below:

  • The city is home to the Royal Air Force Museum which is very popular.
  • It is known to be one of the original birthplaces of the industrial revolution.
  • It is one of the cities that has the very best shopping Centre not forgetting the biggest.

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