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Check a Trade Approved Roofers For Buuilt Up Felt Roofing in Shrewsbury & Throughout Shropshire

Built up felt roofing in Shrewsbury and indeed throughout the UK has long since established itself as the method of choose for finding ideal solutions for flat roofs. Quick to install, competitively priced and simple to transport to otherwise inaccessible roofs, built-up felts has an array of benefits.

The lightweight yet tough properties of built-up felt ensure that it can be adapted to almost any flat roof design, from submerged roofs to inverted and warm roofs. Sufficiently built-up felt systems are also compatible with every modern insulant and even eco-friendly wool and straw based systems. They’re also designed so that they can move with your building, ensuring cracks are bridged without the waterproofing being affected.

A good built-up felt roof should last for up to 30 years, provided the right steps are taken, with bituminous felt roofing being sealed, before chippings and a mineral cap is placed upon it.

Repairs To Felt Roofing in Shrewsbury

The issue with flat roofs is that there is nowhere for water to drain away after rainfall, meaning any damage to felt roofing could have major repercussions. To avoid these issues, your built-up felt roof needs to be in top condition, and if damage does occur, it needs sorting instantly.

That’s why you need Dryfix Telford. As Shropshire’s leading roofing company, we’ve been crafting, repairing and maintaining built-up felt roofs throughout Shrewsbury for more than 20 years. No job is too big or small for our skilled and dedicated team.


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Felt roofing in Shrewsbury requires less maintenance and because it is lighter than materials such as asphalt it needs less reinforcement to the supporting structure. We believe it to be a far more cost effective alternative, offering excellent durability qualities.

To arrange an assessment of your roof, where we will be happy to explain the most suitable roofing system for your individual requirements, do not hesitate to contact your local roofing company today, we offer free of charge no obligation roof surveys and quotations and can give you some professional advice on the right roofing material for your project.