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Slate roofing in Shrewsbury is a watertight feature of any property. But as soon as one of the tightly locking slates becomes damaged or broken, it can quickly become an issue. If you have a problem or suspect a problem with your slate roof, contact our team for a free survey.

We’re specialists when it comes to slate roofing and have over half a century of experience in the roofing industry. This means our slate roofers have the skills to complete roofing of the highest standard on both domestic and commercial properties – from minor repair work to designing and constructing new slate roofs our team have the skillset to do it all. We can also provide services if required.

Natural Slate Roofing in Shrewsbury

Considered as one of the worlds finest building materials, it is a natural product that can deflect the most extreme weather conditions. When laid properly your slate roof will last the life time of the roof. Here at Dryfix Telford we are very experienced in working with Slate that has come from Wales and Spain and some artificial and reclaimed slates.

Tile Roofing in Shrewsbury

The choice of Roof Tiles these days is quite extensive they range from Clay to Concrete, they come in many sizes from small to large and there are also interlocking plain tiles. There are also a few different fixing practices, the more traditional fixing is a Morta bedding here atDryfix Telford & Building we specialise in all techniques.

Slate Roof Repairs in Shrewsbury

Our fully qualified and experience team offer high quality slate roof repairs to both commercial and domestic customers in Shrewsbury & surrounding.

Roof repairs can be anything from a slipped tile, or you may require the replacement of the entire collapsed roof, our experienced team will provide quality repair services for all your roof repair needs.

We have a vast knowledge with slate roof repairs, and have fixed and replaced thousands of projects, making us vastly experienced in all types of roofing services.

Our range of slate roof repair services includes:


Replacement tiles or slates on pitched roofs


Repairs to flat roof membranes


Roofline and gutter replacements


Replacement tiles or slates on pitched roofs

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If you’d like to learn more about our slate roofing services or to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation for slate roofing services in Shrewsbury please contact Dryfix Telford & Building Today.