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Chimney Repairs in Shrewsbury

Having a well-functioning, attractive chimney which works as it should and doesnt let rain water seep into your property is crucial to your home. We understand that, and it is for that reason that we have spent years perfecting our trusted service for chimney repairs in Shewsbury. Whether your chimney has been affected by bad weather, has suffered a freak accident, needs capping due to water prenetation or is generally suffering at the hands of wear and tear, our team of local, trusted roofers would love to help you restore it to its original condition. It is for this reason that we have established a reputation for ourselves across Shropshire as the place to go for your chimney repair.

How we can Repair Your Chimney in Shrewsbury

Chimneys, we are confident that we can tackle almost any issue we are confronted with no matter how big or small, residential, commercial or even industrial chimney works. The chimney may be coming apart at the bricks, or it may be eroding due to the weather. Our Shrewsbury based team will come round and see exactly what is wrong with the chimney, and advise you on how we can repair it for you. Our affordable prices for chimney repairs in Shrewsbury, we are confident, will astound you, and you will be delighted with your final, fully repaired chimney.


Contact Dryfix Telford

Our friendly team of  Shrewsbury-based experts would love to hear from you. We relish sitting down with our customers, discussing their problems and offering them advice as to how we can help them restore their chimney to its excellent, original condition. If your looking for a roofing who can undertake your chimney repairs in Shrewsbury at competitive prices with full, insurance backed guarantees or just need a free survey and some helpful advice please contact your local roofers, Dryfix Telford today.