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Your Local Specialists for Fibreglass GRP Roofing in Shrewsbury & Surrounding Areas

As one of Shrewsbury’s leading roofers, we are always looking to expand our services and provide our clients with more choice.

known as, GRP roofing in Shrewsbury lasts for at least 30 years and offering a much more durable and dependable covering than other, more traditional roof coverings.

While providing an incredibly effective protection from weathering and the elements, GRP roofs are also easily repaired and very simple to maintain, which guarantees a long lasting roof cover and exceptional value for money.




Whilst more commonly known as fibreglass the more technical term for this material is Glass Reinforced Plastic ( GRP for short). Well-known for its incredible durability, GRP is a popular choice across a huge range of industries. This tough, versatile and completely waterproof material makes it a fantastic choice for roofing systems.

For Flat roofs GRP is a great material and if installed by an experienced and skilled contractor is guaranteed to last decades. GRP has a wealth of benefits for any kind of roof structures. Fibreglass roofs are extremely adaptable, in creating beautiful balconies and walkways. They’re also easy to extend or refurbish, and block unlawful access.

Properly installed, fibreglass roofs remain leak free for life, and here at Dryfix Telford Ltd , we pride ourselves on the high quality of our fiberglass materials and our professional craftsmanship. With over 25 years of experience of fitting, maintaining and fixing fiberglass roofs, it’s not surprising that we’re considered a premier roofing company in Shrewsbury.

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your local specialists for grp roofing in shrewsbury


Some of the first fibreglass roofs installed over 30 years ago still show no signs of deterioration. GRP is resistant to UV radiation and becomes lighter over time, it also has fire resistant properties. GRP is designed to be capable of any building movement through expansion and/or contraction.

Produced on site using polyester resin, glass fibre and rollers. GRP is a very effective product. This product is revolutionary and will change the course of roofing materials used to seal and protect roofs all over the UK.

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If you’re tired with leaky roofs and want something more sturdy and secure, then GRP roofing in Shrewsbury is likely to be what you’re looking for. Call the professionals roofers here at Dryfix Telford Ltd today for a no cost, no obligation quote at your home or business.

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