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Extension projects come with reasons. You need to expand your livable space maybe or have other reasons known to you. What remains a constant is that you will require resources and funds to get the job done. The roof is part of the elements that will consume plenty of money if not properly checked. A pitched roof is not the option you pick for an extension project especially with a tight budget. Flat roofs are considered the most economical here. But what type of flat roof to be specific? This is our big question in this topic.

When compared to pitched roofs, flat roofs never last long due to their vulnerability to leaks with water pooling on their surface. Flat roofs will also not be the best option when it’s about matching the extension to the rest of the house especially where pitched roofs cover the rest of the home. However, if flat roofs cover the rest of the home, you are good to go. These are the main reasons you need to be extra cautious with what flat roof option you are going for.

Which makes the best option?

With several options at your disposal, it might not be easy to pick right away what matches your needs. Taking your time to research further is recommended. I will give you a bit of an insight on what options fits in what situations.

  • Budgeting limits – your extension project will cost money. If you don’t mind spending more money on your project, then fiberglass or perhaps rubber roofing options will do just fine. If it’s a matter saving dollars, then felt roofing stands out as the cheapest.
  • Durability – do you seek a roof that will live the longest? That is rubber roof. It might not be the best for looks, but it’s strong and flexible to resist damage guaranteeing more than 50 years of excellent roofing service. If your extension is more temporal, then felt roofing will offer a good service at a low cost.
  • Aesthetics – want the extension project to come with an extra beauty value for your home, fiberglass should be the right option for you. Rubber should not come anywhere near your mind for this condition. If you like it rubber though, it’s your choice. Go for what leases your eyes. Felt roofing is also not a bad option especially with a modern mineral finish that comes with several color options.
  • Strength – is your extension in a place where traffic is expected? If yes, then material strength is not to be compromised with. Rubber and fiberglass roofing should be on the forefront. Felt roofing tends to be delicate for heavy traffic.

There is no correct answer or a direct recommendation for extension roof projects. it’s all about the specific needs of your house, one of our roofers would be glad to take a look at your property and advise accordingly.

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