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Having a really appealing roof does not have to cause harm to the environment. Some roofing materials may not be environmentally friendly which makes using them not very sustainable and harmful to the environment in the long run. Such roofing materials use up a lot of energy during manufacture and might not be recyclable. Here are some eco-friendly roofs that will improve the appearance of your home, last long and still help conserve the environment.

Green roofs

These are by far the most environmentally friendly roofs of which Dryfix Telford specialise. Instead of having shingles or metal roofing you will have soil and plants on there. This kind of roof especially in the urban areas helps to clean the air and reduce warming.  You can also have a kitchen garden on there, which means you enjoy your own fresh produce and save on costs.

Recycled shingle Roofing

They are made of recycled waste products such as plastics, rubber and wood. These shingles appear just as good as new ones and will last over 50 years. Recycled shingles are a good eco-product because they help to reduce waste and keep the environment clean.

Clay tiles Roof

Clay tiles have been in existence for a really long time and they are also very eco-friendly roofing materials. The tiles help to save on electricity costs because they insulate the house from heat or cold by use of an air cushion above and below them.

Cool roofs

These are also called white roofs. They are really ideal for very hot areas because they reflect heat away since they are white. They are made using a mixture of white glue and white gravel. They are durable and they help to reduce use of electricity in the house which means the environment is also saved.

Metal roofs

They are made of recycled metal products and they are themselves recyclable in case they are replaced. These roofs are highly durable and they reflect heat away keeping the power costs down.

Reclaimed slate Roofs

Slates are the most durable roofing option one can have because they can last a century. This means that using slates would save a lot on energy that is used in production of other roofing materials that do not last as long. If the slates are made from reclaimed materials then your roof is even more eco-friendly.

Rubber roofing

Rubber is another recycled material that can be used to make roofing shingles that last over half a decade. This roof can withstand extreme weather conditions like hail and snow without any problems at all and it also maintains a proper temperature inside the house saving on energy costs.

All these are options that will give you a durable roof and still help to protect the environment for future generations.

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