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Horsehay is known to be a village that is located on the outskirts of an area known as Dawley. However, the village is now part of the Telford city. When the village first came into place, it was nothing more of a farm until the year the 1750s when someone known as Abraham Darby went ahead to build a blast furnace which was built next to the now Horeshay pool.

Membership at the Horsehay Village Golf center

The membership at the Horsehay Village Golf center is an open membership meaning that there are no joining fees that is required and there is also no list to join which you are required to be in. However, there is an annual subscription for adult males which goes for £46.60 but does not cover the green fees that you may also be required to pay. The Golf over the recent years has been able to maintain a growing membership which has some different sections. There is a section for senior men, a section for ladies and there is also another section for juniors. In addition to all these sections, there is also the main club. All of the mentioned sections always give a warm welcome to any new member who would like to join the Horsehay Village Golf center. If you want to learn more about the golf center, you can just visit their site of finding them on Facebook so that you can be able to get as much information as you possibly need.

The Horsehay Village Golf Centre and the Horsehay Village Golf Club

If you are thinking about joining the Golf center, it is important for you to understand that no jurisdiction has been put in place in regards to the center or the course as well as the packages given and all the green fees. All the above are normally arranged between a particular member of the center and the Horsehay Village Golf Centre itself. The center and the club tend to work and corporate together in all ways so that they can ensure that all the events, as well as the competitions, can run smoothly. The center has also been able to offer a pay as go kind of option for the annual packages or the green fees. Those who opt to go for the annual packages tend to enjoy some privileges that the package normally comes with like an unlimited driving range and also an unlimited use of the course.

Regarding the organization of the Horsehay Village Golf Centre, there is usually a club committee that has been selected so as to look after or rather monitor the way things are run at the club and the center. There are alternative golf clubs in Telford you may also want to consider.

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