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For those looking to visit Shrewsbury there is so much to do here. The town has a rich history and most of their ancient buildings are still intact. The weather of the town is moderate making it a good place to visit the year round. Here are some of the top activities that you can be engaged in when visiting or just looking for something to do in Shrewsbury:

Historic Site seeing in Shrewsbury

If you love delving into history and how things were during those old days, Shrewsbury is a town you need to visit. Since the town was not highly affected by the world wars most of the buildings are still intact and preserved for viewing. The most visited historic sites in Shrewsbury include; Shrewsbury museum and art gallery, Shrewsbury Abbey, The Dana Prison, Laura’s Tower, Attingham Park and Acton Burnell among many others. If you need to have a trip back into time, then this is a town that will take you way back.

Walking tours of Shrewsbury

If you fancy taking a walk and learning what happened in the town and why things are the way they are, then a guided walking tour will be what you need. You will be walked in the narrow streets of the town to learn more about it. You can even get a themed tour where you are taught of the things that interest you or you can decide to just let the guide surprise you. There is so much to learn in Shrewsbury and there are lots of walking tours available.

Art and Architecture in Shrewsbury

The town is known for the first building to have an iron frame in the UK and is also known to have many other architecture marvels. The best places to visit for architecture include St. Chads Church, St. Mary’s church, Dana prison and Shrewsbury abbey among others. There are galleries also for art lovers some of the independent and county owned like the Shrewsbury Museum and art gallery, Theatre Severn and Shrewsbury castle.

Boat Cruises in Shrewsbury

If you fancy a boat cruise, then you are in for a cruise of your life in the Sabrina Boat. The boat has day and evening cruises for individuals or groups. You get a commentary from the captain on your cruise making it informative and engaging.

Nature and wildlife

If you are a nature or wildlife enthusiast you will also enjoy being in Shrewsbury. You can visit the Battlefield Falconry center, The Quarry and Attingham Park. All these places are all about blending you into nature and giving you that relaxing walks. At the Quarry you will really love visiting the Dingle gardens. They are exemplary.

While at Shrewsbury you can eat, drink, sleep and have fun at all their hotels, pubs and restaurants after a long day of taking in the sites or just shopping you can rest easy ready for the next day.