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Fiberglass is a not a new product. However, it is a new entry in the roofing market. In the early years, fiberglass was still being used in the market but was unpopular. That is due to various challenges such as lack of proper installation expertise and use of boat fiberglass. These days, these challenges are addressed a great deal. First, the fiberglass used for roofing being manufactured now is specialized for roofing. Trims are now factory made specifically for roofing. People are also now equipped with better installation skills for GRP fiberglass. Due to these boosts, GRP roofing is now in the league of the top contenders for best roofing. However, just like its counterparts, it got both advantages and disadvantages. What are they?


  • Extended durability – it is important to go for a roof that will last longer for your home. Otherwise, you will be forced to keep replacing it time after time. GPR roofing is one of those you can count on for longer durability of over 25 years. You just need to do your duty to get the roof properly installed and not even wear signs will not show up.
  • Suitable for a wide range of application – fiberglass is a modern material known for its flexibility properties. It makes a perfect roof whether for lightweight roofs, green roofs, and works best for complicated shapes.
  • Joint less – fiberglass is a material known for boat construction that is because they are perfectly joint less. In the same way, they offer a joint less roof solution that is super-efficient when properly installed.
  • Easy repairs – roof elements are known for frequent checkups and repairs. When repairing fiberglass, it’s easy. With an excellent roofer, it will come out spotless whether it’s a small spot or a big patch. You can carry out some repair projects on your own.
  • Good looks – it’s the league leader in beauty. Final finishes can be of a wide range of colors. You are free to choose your best color.
  • Resists damage – it’s a quality roofs should have. Fiberglass can comfortably withstand footfall, vandalism, knife cuts and other manner of abuse.


  • Higher cost – when compared to rubber roofing, GPR goes beyond the threshold to cost more dollars. There is however cost flexibility according to the kind of finish you choose for your finishes.
  • Not for large spans – it is not considered the best option for large roofing areas. The expansion and contraction rates can be excessive.
  • Weather necessities – fiberglass is not the kind of roof you install at any time. You have to wait till the conditions fit the installation. That is when it’s completely dry.

It’s up to you to make the final decision to go with GPR roofing or other options such as rubber flat roofing. Just look at both sides of the coin and contact your local roofer if you have any questions..