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If you are interested in learning the history of Shrewsbury and Shropshire as a whole and see some of the most valuable artifacts then this is the place you need to visit. The museum is a recent attraction and has five galleries completely dedicated to local history and special gallery where they bring have some exciting artifacts from all over. This museum is a restoration of the Victorian music Hall and a 13th century mansion which gives it a rich history and makes it an ideal museum building. The museum has ample gallery space and provides necessary amenities for the visitors.

The amenities for the visitors include café, toilet access in every level, lift to all the floors, wedding suite for hire, seating space inside and outside the museum, parking space, information centre, meeting rooms and level access. The museum is open to all daily from 10 am to 5 pm until October and from November to Easter it will not be open on Mondays. The museum is just 10 minutes walk from the railway station and is easily accessible by road also. The museum is run by the local council and is very affordable for all people as individuals, groups, kids or families. At the information center you are given the necessary information about everything in the museum and there are also gifts to take home as a souvenirs for your visit to Shrewsbury.

What you will see at this popular Shrewsbury museum

The Shrewsbury museum is well equipped with artifacts, costumes, art, archeology, photography, decorative art, archives and so much more to ensure that your visit there is highly engaging. You will be taken back to the early years, 650 million to be exact, when mammoths were present in the county and your ride in history will not just end there. Other valuable artifacts in the museum include a Hadrianic transcription and an ornate silver mirror which are the most valued Roman artifacts in the entire nation. If you enjoy art, expect to be blown away with many art pieces that show the obsession of men with body art. The over thirty pieces are used to show an ideal body as imagined by people, body mutations and imaginations and fantasies about the body. At the museum you should therefore expect to have an intense learning experience.

Some of the items in the museum are viewed with prior special request. You can be able to see also the tea sets that were being made and the tiles that came from Shropshire. These items show the skills the people had for design and decoration of the pieces they created. The life, politics, death, economy and so much more is showcased in the medieval, Tudor and Stuart galleries located in the first floor of the museum.

The museum is a great place to visit and educated on the history of the entire county and if your looking for a little more history check out our post on the Acton Burnell castle!