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When you are thinking of building a new home or replace your roof, you need to make a choice of either flat roof or a pitched one. If you go the flat way, the choice is still not cemented. That’s because there are a number of choices you got for flat roofs. To get the selection done like a pro, you need to use the determiners such as your budget limits, size, level of details needed, shape and so on. All you need is to answer the question ‘which is the best flat roof for me?’ you don’t want to make a mistake at this level as that might affect the performance or the durability of your roof. Check out the main contenders you can consider hereof.

Felt roofing

It’s the basic idea that comes to your head when you think of flat roofs. However, the new felt technologies have made the previously unpopular flat roof a better option with time. Back then, felt bitumen roofs were considered were hard to lay with the pour & roll system. They were also not durable as the maximum lifetime was estimated to be 10 years. Also, the old bitumen would be vulnerable to cracks with time as it dried out or was exposed to UV light. Modern felt roofs are able to resist all these vices a great deal. They can withstand UV damage and not crack with time. Life expectancy is also increased to between 15 – 30 years.It’s a system of 3 layers laid in a technique to allow continuity and reduce jointing. The finish layer at the top is also a lovely colored mineral.

GRP roofing

Includes fiberglass and others that borrow its properties. These roofs are usually lightweight but strong at the same time. Durability is also a feature not left out ranging from 20 to 25 years. These roofs are known to accommodate building movements due to their flexibility. They are also able to comfortably support foot traffic. Flexibility is extended to other features including a wide range of accessories and colors. These roofs are however relatively expensive and requires dry weather for un-regrettable installation.

Rubber roofing

They are storming the roof market as well. Rubber as a material is waterproof. It is hence a perfect option for a roof. Modern technology applied in the making of rubber roofs ensures that they come out as thin single sheets that can cover your entire roof at once. Rubber roofs are lightweight, tough and elastic making it a suitable material for many flat roofing solutions. They are able to resist damage guaranteeing an extended lifetime of over 50 years. For that, you can expect to pay more money for it. You will also need to hire the best roofer to get it installed professionally.

Other flat roof options include single ply membranes and mastic asphalt. Make the right choice and contact Dryfix Telford with any questions you might have..