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If you own a historic home you know how tasking and demanding maintenance on the roof can be. This is because over the years the roofing materials have changed in structure, design, make and even weight. This means that the roofing structure used back then might not work on new shingles or other roofing options that you choose to use. If you have a historical home and need another roof, you need a roof that will maintain the historic integrity of the house. Here is a guide on installing the right roof for your historic home.

Thorough Roof Inspection Required

You should first have the roof inspected. The inspection will determine the kind of material on your roof, the kind of structure that you have and the condition of the roof at that particular time. This thorough inspection will help you decide on the material that will maintain the historic integrity of your house.

Deciding on the material

After a thorough inspection has been done, it is now time to determine which material to use on your roof. The material of choice here should be the same material as the one used on the roof. Most historic homes will have clay tiles, slates, wooden shingles or metal as their roofing materials. These materials are still available even now and therefore you can use the same material to restore the house as originally as it should be. If the material used on the roof is not available in the market anymore then you need to decide on an alternative material to use. The alternative should be close to the real thing so that the house does not lose the intended value.

Roof Detailing

It is important to note the detailing on the roof that is just right because the roofs on the historic homes contributed to character and decoration because of the way they were arranged in different colors and patterns. Noting the detailing on the roof is important so that they will be arranged properly during the installation process. Check if you need colored slates and learn how they have been arranged to bring out the desired effect.

Roof Installation

This is a very crucial process. The people installing the roof should be supervised by a person with the knowhow on preserving and restoring historic homes. The measurements of the supportive beams should be taken to confirm if they are the measurements that have been recommended by the roofs that you are using. The installation process also should be done carefully and all the pieces arranged as they were in the original roof.

After installing the roof remember that maintenance and regular inspections will ne necessary to maintain a strong and functional roof.

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