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Roofs come with a warranty of so many years which can make you forget that you need to change the roof. Also you could have bought the house with the roof and you didn’t keep track of when the guarantee on the roof was going to end. You could also feel like the roof needs changing because of the way it looks and maybe because it is leaking and costing you so much in maintenance costs.

Here are some of the signs that indicate it might be time for a roof replacement.

Granules all over – when the shingles start to degenerate they break off into small pieces that you will see as small granules or pebbles. If you notice so many granules and pebbles in the gutters or on your yard then these are probably coming from your roof. If this is the case you need to have the roof replaced because it is degenerating and will soon leave you unprotected.

Increasing energy bills – when your roof is in good condition it insulates your house well from external elements. If you find that your energy bills are increasing then it could be because the roof is worn out and does not insulate the house well. When that happens the air conditioning has to work more to maintain the temperatures that you want in the house.

Curling shingles – if you find that the shingles are curling and bending undesirable it could be a sign that they are old and need to be changed. Also when the shingles curl or bend they cannot be repaired and the only thing to do then is change the old roof.

Bouncy roof – when walking on the roof check if the boards feel bouncy. If they do, this is because they have become weakened over time due to moisture leaking through. This therefore means that the roofing material is not as effective as it should be. Check if there is leaking in the attic and check for moisture under the roofs. If you see all these signs everywhere you check it might be time to change the roof entirely.

Missing shingles – If you look up on your roof and you find that you have missing singles and you did not remove them then the roof needs replacing. This shows that the shingles are worn out and cannot interlock or hold as required.

Other signs that your roof might need replacement

Other signs that your roof might need replacement include cracked shingles, If your neighbors are getting new roofs and if you see daylight on the roof boards through the roof. All these signs indicate that the roof is worn out and does not really keep you and your property protected as it is supposed to do.

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