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Shrewsbury is the county town for Shropshire in England. The town has a population of around 100,000 people and is considered a market town. Almost all the ancient buildings of the town are still intact because the town has not been affected by either the world wars of any other wars over the years. They however missed out on the developments experienced elsewhere in other English towns during the industrial revolution but this did not stop the people of Shrewsbury from being the first ones to have a building with an iron frame. This building was completed in 1797.

History of Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury was founded in medieval times in 800 A.D but had been in existence into early history. The town was used for wool trade in the early days and this combined with the fact that there was a railway going through is what accounted to the development of Shrewsbury.  The town is home to the Shrewsbury castle which Roger De Montgomery started building in 1074. He was named the first Earl of the town. The castle was built at the entrance to Shrewsbury which made it a defensive castle. He is also responsible for founding the Abbey which became one of the most influential places of pilgrimage at that time. In terms of economic activities the town survived by being a centre of wool trade. This made the town ideal for finishing of the Welsh clothes. The merchants there were therefore involved in buying unfinished cloths, finishing them and transporting them for sale making the town economically stable.

With the rich ancient history, the town has not disappointed in the recent past. In 2009 the town lost its borough status and is now entirely run by the local council. Before that the town was being run by the Corporation of Shrewsbury and after that it was under the two local authorities of Shrewsbury and Atcham. The town in 2007 won two prestigious international floral awards. This is due to the blooming of flowers all over the town that happens especially during summer. This has made the town earn itself the title of “The Town of Flowers.”

Climate in Shrewsbury

The climate of Shrewsbury just like the rest of Shropshire is moderate. The town receives an average of 700 mm of rainfall every year with the least amount being received in February. The average rainfall for the entire year is around 70 mm. The average temperatures are about 15 degrees Celsius with the warmest month happening in July.


The town is located in central England just 9 miles to the west from the Welsh border. It is also 153 miles North West of the capital London which makes it quite accessible by train r driving. The town can be accessed through air, rail, car, public transport and by bus. For those looking to tour then this town is really inviting and accommodating to visitors.

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