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Wellington market was established in 1244 and is found in the market street, wellington, Shropshire in England. It is market that up to now it still operates and thus serving a people all around Shropshire. The market offers all kinds of goods andservices and thus it qualifies to be a one stop shopping destination when you visit. Wellington market is found indoors but there is a part also that is located outside mostly market selling foods from all walks of life and thus displaying the culture if the wellington people offering all kinds of foods like bakers, butcheries, fruits fish and many more. The wellington market houses 120 shopping units inside with 60 additional outside, offering different kinds of goods ad services and thus you can get access of all what you need.

Places to visit in wellington market

Wellington market has a variety of places you need to go in order to refreshen yourself or do shopping while in wellington. This article will therefore give you a guide of where you need to visit in wellington market, they include.


Due to the large number of people and limited space in the market, it is hard to find a big hotel in the markets vicinity. Therefore, cafes are the main places that are popular. There are varieties of cafes in the market, which offer different delicacies, which you ought to enjoy while taking them. Therefore, while you are in the market, you ought to drop in the cafes and sample the drinks food of England, which depicts the cultures of the country. The cafes in wellington market provide hams, cheeses and many other foods from all over the country.


Wellington market is a mixture of every business, therefore bars are very in abundance in the market, therefore you ought to drop in any one of them and sample the drinks of England. The bars offer different types of drinks according to your preferences and thus you can try England beer or wines as you wish. Taking and trying new drinks is the best way to keep memory of the place you have visited. England produces good drinks of your choices. In addition, you can enjoy the nightlife of wellington market by listening to England music while enjoying your drink.

Fish Point

Wellington market has fish cafes where you can go and enjoy the fish produced and reared in England. They may be different from your place but it is good to try new fish to discover how they taste. The chefs in wellington are qualified to make a sumptuous fish for you. There is no better way while visiting than to enjoy the food of the place you are visiting.

Dryfix Telford were part of the team installing the roof on this market.

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