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The Royal air force museum in Telford is found in Shropshire, England.It is a great heritage site in England, which tourists from all walks of life visit in order to get a glimpse of the England culture. Up to now, the base is still active and operational as an airfield and in the process couples up as a heritage center. Thus, in case you are thinking of visiting England and precisely tenfold royal air force base ought to be your number one destination. The base has a greathistory, which comes along with it in that it, houses the wreckages of the planes that participated in theWorld War II plus the cold warv-bomber era. This article will therefore dwell on the places where you ought to visit in the base so that you can have the knowledge of where you are intending to visit. These places include the following.

The Heritage Center

The heritagecenter as the name suggests is the place where all the artifacts of the World War II and the cold war are preserved as a constant reminder of the efforts sacrificed by the England military in restoring peace in the world. In this heritage site you will get all the wreckages of the planes that were involved in the war, the weapons used in the war, and all the names of the fallen heroes that [participated in the war. The heritage center thereforeenables you to step into the history of the United Kingdom and experience the mood of that history so that to place you into context the heritage of the country. This therefore is one place you should not miss out especially in case you are a history-oriented person.

Royal air force base museum

This is the museum located in the air force base in which people can get information about the history of the base and in addition that of England. Therefore,in case you are interested in the happenings of the country the iron bridge gorge museum is the perfect place to execute this. In this museum, you can get all the information you need about the air force not only in tenfold but also in the whole of England’sair force as a whole. In addition, in this museum, you will get all the artwork that was used in the earlier days and the tools used to cap it the museum has a sample of all the weapons that were used in the olden days.

Royal air force base in tenfold is the best place to be in case you want to visit England and carry with you great information. Its many centers help in this cause. In case you want to visit the base you just need top contact them via email.

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