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Why the Girls’ rugby is proving to be a hit for the Telford Hornets (rugby club)

Over the years, girls have been trying out the Telford Hornets, and with this, they have started to become converted. The girls’ and women teams have also gone ahead to celebrate the women sports week which has been taking place in some different events. Many of the female teams have been running for just over a year, and most of them have a total of 15 players who come from different age groups. The teams depending on their ages have also been able to receive varying levels of training which is taking place weekly.

The women’s rugby team is growing fast in England, and there is also a lot of extra exposure taking place especially due to the inclusion of the sevens games which was made possible in the Rio Olympics. Since the games took places, the numbers have been able to go higher, and with this, John Everton who is the leading coach of the Telford women’s team is happier with the results that are coming in. The lead coach mentioned just how exciting it was especially when it came to getting involved with the Telford women’s rugby team especially after the Olympics that took place. The England ladies who are participating in the rugby games are now preparing themselves to face their greatest competitions been one of the world’s most significant rugby teams coming from Ireland, France, Canada and New Zealand.

Another coach though a supporting one in the Telford Girls’ team said that many girls have now taken a lot of inspiration from those who are participating in the professional games. He said that this was especially so when it came to the younger girls. He also stated that this was a very positive way in which kids could be able to express themselves with a lot of confidence and in other areas as well not only in the women’s rugby games. He also noted that all this was a kind of step by step process which required a lot of training throughout the entire week. This training mainly focused on improving all their technical abilities as well as their core skills especially when it comes to tackling and also passing not forgetting the consistency that is needed when it comes to their fitness levels.

The girls are also given the opportunity to not only focus on the games, but they are also allowed to develop other key attributes in other different areas of their choice. What this means is that the girls are going to be more flexible later on enabling them to be able to specialize in other different roles of their choice.

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