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AFC Telford United is based in Telford city which is located in Shropshire in England. The football club was formed after the folding of Telford United which happened as a result of the financial problems that they were having. The current members of the football club include the sixth tier of the English football team and the National league north. The team regularly plays home matches which usually takes place at the New Bucks Head which is located in Wellington. Their uniform colors include white which has a red trim and a navy blue trim as well.

The history of the Telford United (football club)

Before the club was formed, it was just known as Telford United which used to play in the football conference. However, due to the financial problems that they were experiencing as mentioned earlier, they reached their end following the collapse of Andy show which was their principal shareholder and Miras Contracts business.  When this happened, the club had no other option other than to go into administration. Even though their fans came in to help and raised a total of £50,000 in just two months, the club still had a lot of debts which was over £4 million which resulted in its liquidation which took place in the year 2004 27th may.

On the day in which Telford went into Liquidation, the supporters limited then announced that there was going to be a new club which was what came to be known as A.F.C Telford United. They also came up with a new motto for the club which was never forgotten. In the month of June, the new club that was formed was placed in the Northern Premier League division one which was done by the football association. There was also a new manager who was appointed known as Bernard McNally which also led to the formation of a new squad for the club.

When the club participated in their first seasons, through their determination and hard work, they were able to finish in third place in the division one football games. This achievement gave them the opportunity to participate in the promotion play offs which saw them beat Eastwood 1-0. In the semi-final games, they were able to defeat Kendal Town in a 2-1 win which gave them the opportunity to participate in the premier division.

The Stadium

The New Bucks Head is the area in which AFC Telford United football club plays all their home games. Following a renovation that took place in the year 2000, the grounds were renamed to the New Bucks Head. Initially, it was only known as Bucks Head.

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