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Wenlock Priory

Wenlock priory is also referred in other words as st Milburga priory, it is basically a ruined monastery where people from all over the world come to enjoy theirleisure while in the United Kingdom. It is located in much wenlock, Shropshire and was built or founded in the 1079 by roger de Montgomery and is also assumed to be the place where saint Milberg rested while he died and this was confirmed during its restoration when bones were discovered in the site in 1101. This site has buildings which are known as wenlock abbeys where people have bought and owned them but a larger part is owned by the public and are used for recreational activities at a fee as the site has a collection of artifacts and topiaries. Enough with the history of a site as it can be boring especially in case you are not a historical person. This article will give you all the necessary information you need to know wenlock priory as it is nice knowing a place where you are planning to visit.

Things to see in wenlock priory

As earlier mentioned wenlock priory is a collection of many things in the buildings where it rests, it has many places where you can do different things in your leisure time according to your tastes and preferences. Some of the things to see or do include.

Chapter house

The wenlock priory has a Norman chapter house, which you ought to visit and see. The chapter house was built in 1140 and this is where the monks and prior would meet every morning in order to discuss the current affairs and also spell punishments to disobedient citizens. It has stone carvings, round arches and exquisitely carved columns. In addition, the chapter house has the grotesque head, which is much appealing to the eye. This has been restored to insinuate or portray the earlier resemblance of the chapter house.

Cloister garden

In addition, the wenlock priory has a garden referred to as cloister where you and your family can enjoy the peace and the tranquility that the garden offers. It is greatlymaintained to give a perfect look and appealing to the eye. In the garden, there is a huge water vessel in which monks used to wash their hands before taking their meals, which is built and well carved with the carvings that depict the Christ and his apostles of the olden times.

Medieval tiles

Nothing is much appealing in the wenlock priory like the medieval tiles that were used in the earlier days in case you love art. These were the tiles that they monks used to build their houses, these tiles have been re-laid to give their original look during those times.

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