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In case you are thinking of visiting Telford, you need to find a place to stay with your family. Investors in Telford have considered this by coming up with very many places in which clients visiting the area can stay. This is due to the increased number of people who visit Telford because of the many tourist attraction sites. There are very many hotels or houses where you can stay but they may not have the most luxurious suites. This is where the bouirton manor hotel come in. The hotel is a uniquely private countryhouse found two and a half miles from much wenlock, which are well built to cater for the needs of its clients. In case you need to stay in a luxurious house while in England to give you the best experience ever burton manor hotel will just do that.

Strong points of Bourton Manor Hotel

High quality furnishing

A good place to reside in should be somewhere you are comfortable in. bourton manor hotel has employed this by incorporatingbeautifully designed and curved furniture, which are appealing to the eye. These beautiful nature is greatly important as it makes the room enjoyable to stay, in addition the furniture’s like bed are made in a way that they are comfy thus making them very comfortable to sleep on. This therefore will ensure that you have the best time in the world while visiting Telford. The furniture found in bourton manor hotel has a variety of colorand door choice, which makes them, appealing and enjoyable to stay in.

Good parking

In case you travelled with your car, its niece to consider where you will park it is safely while you retire to go to sleep. The burton manor hotel management has ensured that each house has a space of two vehicles, which you can park, right in front of the house you are staying. Therefore, the hotel gives you the feel of being home away from home. In addition, their parking is very secure and thus you can park your car as long as you want without any worry as the hotel has tight security securing their clients belongings and stay.

Good customer care

In case you want to reside in the bourton manor hotel in your stay in Telford you are assured of great customer service as they have with them the most hardworking and good working workers. They will welcome you very politely and carry your luggage to your house.


The bourton manor hotel has no good walkways for the disabled this therefore makes them not suitable in case you are a disabled person, as you will have a very difficult time.

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