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What you need to know about Telford Town Park

The Telford Town Park was named by the United Kingdom to be one of the best parks which were followed by a public vote that was carried out. The awards that took place were organized by the Fields in Trust which is known to be a charity that is recognized nationally. The foundation mainly focuses on safeguarding the recreational spaces that are all over. The charity was the one that nominated a total of 122 parks which was done all in the United Kingdom and with this, there was a total of 8,000 public votes that were taken.

When the results came out that said that Telford Town Park was voted to be the best, Liz Clare who is a known cabinet member for culture and leisure services said that over the years, Telford had been one of the jewels in the crown of the town. She was also very delighted and happy that the park was the one who got to win the award especially considering the very tight competition that was there.

The facilities that are offered by the Telford Town Park

There are some different facilities that people who are visiting the park can get to enjoy. They in include:

  • Fishing pools
  • Wonderland
  • Aerial Ropes Courses
  • Car parking facilities
  • Seasonal water play
  • A local nature reserve
  • A general play area that also has wheelchair access and services with it.
  • A Centre for visitors that also has a snack bar as well as toilet facilities
  • A bandstand
  • Different learning zones as well as a number of different educational school programme.
  • A course for mini golf adventure that you can join if you like.
  • A beautiful floral garden that includes a community garden, a Maxwell garden as well as a Chelsea garden is also available
  • An attractive sensory garden.
  • An extensive events program that has been made available to all guests and visitors.
  • A Telford cycle Centre that you can also join
  • You can also participate in heritage and nature trails that are also very attractive.

Memorials that are available in Telford Town Park

In May 2010, there was a memorial that was unveiled to the residents of that city as well as those in the area of Wrekin. The memorial was mainly for those people who lost their lives as they served their country in all different areas of the world that mostly took place during the World War 1. Malcom Sear was the one who sculpted the memorial, and his workshop was in Jackfield.  The memorial also incorporated with a central ironwork poppy which has an inscription that talks about honoring those people who served and sacrificed their lives for the safety and well-being of the citizens of the United Kingdom.

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