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Hoo farm is an animal farm located at Telford, England, which specializes in giving clients the chance to interact with over one hundred and twenty different animal’s species. This is an important and very unique tourist attraction as it preserves the nature and gives a satisfying feeling to the people who go and visit here. The types of animals found in the hoo farm animal kingdom include the horses, lambs, chicks, lemurs and so on. In case you find time and visit the hoo farm, you will be assured of interaction with different types of animals of your choice. There are a number of activities found in hoo farm which makes you not only a spectator in interaction and seeing the animals, the hoo farm animal kingdom gives its client the chaseto be active by participating in different farm activities these activities include the following.

Bottle Feeding the Animals

Animals needs a lot of care so that they can grow while healthy and to their optimum level, one of the things that they need is food, hoo farm has incorporated the act of feeding the animals part of the fun activities that it offers its clients. While you visit the tourist, attraction you will be taught on how to feed different animals using a bottle especially lambs. This is especially fun as it enables you to have fun while still enjoying the animals company and presence. Animals are very fun being with and spending your time with them because they give a feel good feeling to you. Thus, visit the hoo farm animal kingdom to experience this.

Collecting Eggs

The hoo farm animal kingdom does not only have the animals but also birds of different species. Seeing the birds is the best sight you will ever come across. This will give you the best feeling and appeal your eye. In addition to meeting and seeing the different species of birds, the hoo farm animal kingdom offers the option to collect the freshly laid eggs, which is very fun to do. You can do this as a competition with your family so that you can find the one who collected the largest number of eggs. Participating in this kind of activity is especially fun and makes you to actively participate in interacting with the animals which avoids being passive tourist.

Placing Bet in Sheep Steep chase

The hoo animal kingdom personnel have trained the sheep to run steep chase race, which is very entertaining to watch in addition you can place a bet on the race, which will make you earn money while still enjoying the race. Therefore, hoo animal kingdom is the perfect place to visit in case you want to enjoy your time in England.

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