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Merrythought limited was established in 1930 and is a private toy manufacturing company found in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Gordon Holmes and George H. Laxton and its headquarters are located in Shropshire England. The company specializes in making toys of different kinds tosatisfy the needs of the population. The most popular toys that the merry thought limited produces or manufactures is the teddy bears and has dominated the market with its innovations on toys. The factory is found at Iron Bridge in shposhire England. It still operates up to date and still has maintained its trademark by still using traditional methods plus materials of making toys making it set itself apart from other companies.

Its products

The company produces different types of teddy bears for different prices and outlooks and have been able to command respect in the area thus warding off competition from other companies with the hand making part of the bears being one of their attributable success. Some of the products they produce include teddy bears which they are mostly known for, soft toys which you need like when sleeping, dolls, push along toys, horses and other animals are also made in the factory. This therefore has been able to satisfy the niche of the toys in England and even abroad because the company also exports the toys. Merrythought limited produces baby toys or even the adult ones, which helps you to find the toy that you need. In addition, you can order a personalized toy at a higher price and give specifications, which you require. The hand making part and the use of traditional methods of making toys have enabled the passage of the English heritage and culture thus merry thought limited serving as a culture transferring company while still doing business.

Merry thought village

Although there has been an increase in sale over the years with the introduction of the Japanese market, the merrythought limited has scaled down its operations in its business premises thus renting out some of its buildings to other businesses. This has therefore led to formation of the merrythought village, which incorporates not only the factory setting that was there initially but also the office, workshops and retail units. The merrythought village therefore has in it all types of business in addition to the merrythought factory and the toy museum but also other businesses like. Iron bridge interiors, iron bridge fine arts and antiques plus many more.

Therefore in case you are visiting England merrythought factory and village is somewhere you ought to be thinking of visiting as it will give you the perfect feeling of how the toys are handmade and learn their history form the merrythought factory museum.

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