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Buildwas abbey is the remains of the ruins of Cistercian abbey, which have been transformed and maintained at the same place to give and restore how the things were at the Cistercian abbey. It is located in the banks of river Severn in buildwas, Shropshire, England that is not far from the iron bridge. It was initially known as the Cistercian abbey, which was, founded in the 1935v by roger de Clinton who was then the bishop of the Coventry and was an inhabited by the monks in that time. The abbey has transformed to the present day buildwas abbey, which is in the care of the English heritage and thus used by the public for their leisure activities or visiting at a fee. The abbey has with it the remains of the place where monks lived, which have been preserved to show their lives. It is one of the tourist attraction in England.

Places to visit in the Buildwas Abbey

There are a number of places where you can visit in the buildwas abbey to learn something or two. The places have been greatly taken care of by the English heritage to educate people of the English history. Some of the places where you ought not to miss in buildwas include the following.

Chapter House

The chapter house was the official meeting pointy of the monks so that they would deliberate on important issues that affected the community at the time. In the same place is where the judgments were made for the errant members of the community. The chapter house has been greatly preserved to its original state and this you can have a recollection of what used to happen and how the place was. The chapterhouse has beautifully crafted and vaulted walls that give an appealing to the eye feeling and thus is a great place to be in.

Unaltered 12th Century Church

In addition,the buildwas abbey with it the artefacts of the early church that was found in the place where the monks lived which is the Cistercian abbey. The remains have been greatly taken care of and thus the church remains in its original state. While in here, you can therefore understand the history of United Kingdom and England in particular with these artefacts while still enjoying the buildwas abbey. Thus whenever you visit the buildwas abbey never fail to visit the 12th century church to have the image of the early church in case you are interested in religious matters.

Buildwas has a plan of registering their clients and thus giving them benefits to enable them to visit the site any time they want but at a fee, which starts from 45 pounds, which gives unlimited access to the facility.

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