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The Telford Ski center is located on a slope that is 85 meters, and it also has a nursery slope facility that is also included. The center can provide both snowboarding and skiing services to its visitors both for juniors as well as adults. The best part about these center is that it can accommodate people of all ages and these activities are frequently made available throughout the year. There is a school known as the Tinies Ski which tends to cater to those kids who are between the ages of 3 years and 5years. The Tinies Ski School is all about teaching the kids basic lessons and games. There is also a white tiger club which has been made available for children who are between the ages of 6 years going all the way to 15 years. The main aim of the White tiger club is to be able to provide support and improvement to the kids, and the good thing about this club is that once you are ready to go, you are given the opportunity to attend the various open sessions that are usually provided.

Everyone both adults and children need to have their legs and their arms covered completely, and gloves are considered to be essential for any snowboarding and skiing can be done.

The facilities that are available

There are some services that have been made available which include:

  • An onsite shop
  • An onsite restaurant
  • Snacks have been made available
  • The Madeley court sports center which has some features like the fitness suite, swimming pool, solarium, an indoor sports hall, and a social hall a synthetic turf pitch as well as a bar.

With all the above facilities in place, you should be sure that both you and your family are going to have a good time. The Telford Ski center is also a good place for you to get to learn how to snowboard and ski and the best part is that you can also get to watch your kids as they get to learn too and also have a good time. Their rates are also quite affordable, and in case you have questions about how the place works, then it would be an excellent idea for you first to take the time and visit the area so that you can get to see how it is.

The various rates

When it comes to the snowboarding and skiing, they are usually divided into three which have been mentioned below.

  • There is a recreational one which goes for around 60minutes and is £13.25.
  • There is an unlimited recreational which goes for £20.40.
  • And finally, there is a family Ski school which goes for £21.40.

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